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Simulaciones de Trabajo
Simulaciones de Trabajo

Don't let them tell you about it, live it

Put yourself in the shoes, do the tasks and make decisions as if you were already in that position.

Experience what a day-to-day job is like

Does it align with your interests, skills and values? Find out, clarify your doubts.

Set yourself up for success.

Discover the practical skills most sought after by the best companies. Gain confidence.


100% free and at your own pace

Do it when and how you want


No previous experience

Open to all students


It's never too early

Hesitant about what career to do? Are you in 1st, 2nd... or senior year? Explore.

Join the talent pool of the best companies.

Do you see yourself working there? Now or in the future?

Increase your chances of getting hired.

Enter the talent pool of companies and be the first to know about new opportunities.

Don't be just another CV.

Show interest and demonstrate your skills by doing the virtual experience programs. Differentiate yourself from other candidates.

And how does it work?



Register with Shapr, sign up for programs and explore career opportunities. No previous experience or previous job application is required



Complete the tasks proposed in the program, use the resources and tools that the company makes available to you. Compare your work with model solutions. Learn and get certificates for your CV and LinkedIn.


Get yourself seen

At the end of a program contact directly and/or make yourself visible to the talent attraction managers of our partner companies.